Ron Krönen

Glimpse of Experience

A brief description of my experience designing and managing the HR recruitment process.

With over 25 progressive years of Human Resources, I take pride that I manage by example rather then by direction. Ultimately, this lends to the successful implementation of any project I embark on. I am a bottom line results driven professional that maintains a “hands on” approach. I have designed recruiting processes for a diversity of companies and departments for specific positions that are at the “exempt” level. These practices vary from Information Technology personnel onward to Sr. Level Managers; Directors to “C” level VP’s. Industry experience ranges from high tech labs building ASICS, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Resource Architecture, Data Modeling, Data Mining within Management Consulting, Financial Banks, Brokerage Firms and Government Military applications.

I have well over 19 years of SAP recruiting and am considered by my peers and clients to be one of the top SAP recruiters globally.

In order to effectively manage any recruitment process, the recruitment manager needs to have clear concise information about the direction or mission of the company or department in which to proceed with an augmented process. The process starts with analyzing the functionality of said department. This “needs and functionality analysis” will identify immediate needs as well as future expectations for that defined position.
We also want to address human resource development, so that the employee will inevitably mature into and contribute to that department or division as projects come to completion and additional projects are presented and engaged. This will insure employee retention.
Emphasis is put on what the potential candidate has accomplished but also what the person has the capacity to mature into based on history of accomplishments as well as educational acumen.

The actual process to procure these candidates will derive from many different venues, i.e.; internet resources, job fairs, college campus recruiting functions, hard media advertising, internal employee postings, referrals from employees/from references , cold calling , recruiting highly competent individuals from competitor organizations and more...We leave no stone unturned in which to identify prospect employees.
Specific recruiting tasks are designed to procure a talent pool, and then deciphering achievements, the process of elimination takes place, ultimately securing a smaller group of “final possible candidates.” Then we engage the “interview process”. Candidates that do not meet the exact requirements but have strong skill sets are given certain consideration for future possible open requisitions and are kept current within an “active database” for future reference.

Testing and Psychological profiling are used in some cases depending upon the nature of the job requisition to determine eligibility and capabilities that will needed to perform adequately for that position.
Support staff within the recruiting or HR department needs to have specific tasks assigned that will enable the transition and success to the recruitment and selection processes.

I have designed several recruitment processes that have undoubtedly changed not only the outcome and sheer success of departments and there initiatives but also have clearly contributed to the overall success of the company as a whole. The key to any top performing department or company is solely based on the quality of its Human Resources. Developing a streamlined "selection processes" and focusing on broad "recruiting processes" leaving no stone-unturned is my constant objective.

The HR recruiting department’s responsibility is to secure and procure the finest candidates available with in the marketplace. The selection process is paramount in providing outstanding human resource performance. Determining those qualifications that will result in the satisfactory deployment of the job requirements to insure that projects are implemented successfully, in a timely manner and that the future of each departments overall objectives are met. Selecting those credentials that enable the candidate to properly function within the scope of the position should include, past history of accomplishments as well as failures, education, direct experience, business acumen, training and motivation.

A brief description of my experience developing, implementing, and delivering HR employee development programs.

I am a firm believer that employees will prosper, lend more creativity to their positions, and ultimately have longer longevity with the department or company if properly educated and offered personal development programs. The organizations benefits are numerous, include high productivity, a healthy attitude, loyalty, and insure that the employees are current within the trends of technology as well as business best practices by continuously nurturing a strong employee development program.

Conduct individual meetings with employee's to decipher a proper and working development program that best suits the employment function as well as future development goals. We then integrate hands on development program that insures immediate growth /learning that coincides with current and future projects.

I subscribe to several web-online development programs, we require our employees to take them and can be done remotely since they are web based. I teach advances internet recruiting techniques please see me in action at a short 5 minute video provides a snapshot of a 2 day class. I have given these seminars to Margin 10 consulting / Deloitte / Capgemini to name a few.

Seminars and weekly Friday morning staff development programs are a standard protocol, at E-Tech Solutions Corp, the ERPSourceGroup Inc. and Kron Technology Solutions/DodTechStaffing (companies that I owned and managed).
Dale Carnegie Institute ( development programs have been deployed companywide and have been incorporated into every training and development curriculum I have created.

Post training progress reports and meetings facilitate that objectives are met as well continue development protocols are established.

Assessments, employee feedback, and future goals are outlined and scheduling for future development programs are instituted for continued education development.

Personal commitment to and appreciation of diversity and multi-cultural values and developing short and long term strategies for improving HR cultural diversity within organizations I have worked in.

While working at Project Objectives LLC. Which is an IBM Business Alliance company; I was responsible for the business development as a marketing account executive/business development manager/recruiter and created proposals for the international sector. I won a huge contract to align our company with Union Bank of Switzerland’s subsidiary company The Banca Della Svizzera Italiano ( ) to develop an Artificial Intelligence Currency Trading System. My responsibilities migrated from the sale of the contract to the staffing/ recruiting of the personnel needed to facilitate the development of this sophisticated and highly technical state of the art software solution, which was by far the most leading edge technology at that time. To find these system development engineers was our greatest priority.

I recruited the Director of the project from Israel’s Bank Leumi currency trading systems integration department, then managers from competitor banks in Singapore, Switzerland, NY, and California. I recruited the systems programmers from India and the UK. The project was to be developed at BSI’s NY City US corporate headquarters but only after a lengthy orientation and project planning/training stay in the city of Lugano in the southern canton (Ticino) of Switzerland. I was responsible for housing for each of the employees and their families for a period of 6 months. My position changed as the project progressed from Business Development manager to recruiter to family counselor/orientation facilitator, troubleshooter. We had here a melting pot of diverse talent from a multitude of different cultures, religions, races ECT. In addition, I learned a lot about dealing with each person, his or her families and how to deal with their ethnic background to insure that everyone was treated with the utmost respect and value.

This project employed professionals from a wide diverse ethnic background and gave me a whole new look as to the definition: “diversity of culture.” The project was a complete success and the experience was a life lesson that I have incorporated into my everyday dealings with HR personnel staffing and development, and business in general

I have had numerous IT staffing assignments over the years with Price Waterhouse, Deloitte Touché, Ernst and Young, BearingPoint ,Capgemini and KPMG consulting, in the USA, UK,UAE, Belgium, France, Germany, Nederland’s South Africa and Italy.

Other businesses I have been involved

I started an international boat dealership “Boat Sales of America Inc” and marketed recreational mid range (25K-75K) boats to both domestic (3 locations in Florida) and the international marketplace and subsequently sold two franchises in, Hamburg, Germany and Samara, Russia. With my international partners, we ventured into Heavy Industrial Earth Moving Equipment sales, and sold millions of dollars of equipment to companies exploring for natural gas in the Siberian gas fields. I was responsible for all sales presentations, accounting systems, financial monthly reports, currency exchange, export tariffs, and shipping of these large pieces of equipment on ocean going vessels. I hired an administrative assistant who was Russian and we converted all of the presentations to Russian language using Russian Word software 3.1. This successful endeavor brought both financial and emotional rewards to my career.

Having a diverse ethnic background myself  of  European heritage. I have an education in my early definitive years in a formal (Parochial School) then continued my University education abroad in Switzerland. I studied international business administration/ Human Resources and subsequently have worked on many concurrent projects on an international basis.

In summation, with these experiences over the last 20 years, I bring sophisticated business acumen, a wealth of knowledge in dealing, developing/recruiting and managing a diverse group of Human Resources that will successfully implement programs and further allow your company to reach its objectives and goals.

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